CHIARA AMBRA ® MOM TO BE wellness set


Product number: C17454

Discover the ultimate wellness set, consisting of Mom to be baby bump sheet mask small and large, cooling foot mask, hydrogel eye pads, hand mask and face sheet mask. Our Mom to be products have been specially developed by mums for mums-to-be. Treat yourself to a time-out full of relaxation and care.

Feel the loving care when the gently caressing sheet masks wrap around your baby bump at different stages of pregnancy. The hydrogel eye pads with aloe vera refresh your eye area and reduce the appearance of puffiness, while the hand mask with aloe vera & avocado oil intensively cares for your hands. The face mask with watermelon extract refreshes your skin and gives it a radiant complexion.

Consciously take time for yourself, close your eyes and enjoy this all-round care.

Our wellness set is more than just a collection of products - it's a gift for you and your baby.

Look forward to nourished and radiant skin, refreshed eyes and pampered hands, as well as relaxed feet on your magical journey to motherhood.

Our wellness set consists of:

1 baby bump sheet mask, small, from the start of pregnancy

1 baby bump sheet mask, large, from the 5th/6th month

1 cooling foot mask

1 hydrogel eye pads aloe vera

1 aloe vera & avocado oil hand mask

1 face sheet mask watermelon 

Our extra for you: 

  • All products are vegan
  • They are all free from microplastics
  • The cloth material of the sheet masks is biodegradable

How to use the sheet mask:
Cleanse your skin first. Remove the sheet mask and unfold it. Place the mask directly on your stomach (on your face in the case of a face sheet mask) and gently smooth it out with your hands. Enjoy the soothing care for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, remove the fleece mask and the residue can either be removed with a soft tissue or simply massaged in.

Use eye pads:
Cleanse the skin. Remove the eye pads from the packaging. Place the pads under the eyes and press gently. Leave the eye pads on for 15-20 minutes, remove and gently pat in any residue. 

Hand and foot mask application:
Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Take the foot sock or glove mask out of the packaging and knead it well before use. Carefully tear open the mask at the top of the perforation. Pull the masks over your clean, dry feet/hands or ask for help. Remove the protective film from the tabs. Place the strap around the ankle/wrist and press firmly so that the mask is well sealed. Now enjoy the soothing care for 15 - 20 minutes. Then remove the masks and massage in the rest

Caution: Do not walk with the foot masks on, risk of slipping! 

Our special care tip from mums for mums:

The baby bump sheet mask can be used cool or warm.

Place your foot mask, eye pads or sheet mask in the fridge shortly before use for a wonderfully refreshing experience.

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