Eyelash SerumEyelash Serum
Eyelash Serum
CHIARA AMBRA® Eyelash Serum Perfect MomentEyelash SerumFor longer, fuller and thicker lashes  The award-winning active substances complex of red clover and peptides improves hair anchoring in a natural way. This extends the biological growth stage and after just 4 weeks, the lashes become already longer, fuller and thicker. The natural growth potential of the hair is supported.  Also enhances eyebrows and makes them fuller and more even.  - Over 45% increase in new eyelashes - Up to 26 % longer eyelashes - Up to 27% thicker eyelashes* - Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested and confirmed with very good tolerance.  *As part of a clinical test with 20 subjects these results were achieved within 8 weeks by applying the serum twice a day.  Active substances: Red clover, peptide, natural moisturising medium, natural preservatives Non-medicated  Application: Before applying the serum you should cleanse your eyes and remove your eye make-up. Thanks to the fine brush the serum can be selectively applied. Apply it along the root of the eyelash (base of the eyelashes) in the same manner as an eyeliner. Dip the brush only once into the serum to apply it on both eyelids. One brushstroke per eye is sufficient. A larger quantity does not guarantee a better result.  After the serum is absorbed completely, you may apply your make-up as usual.  The serum might be even used on bald spots of your eyebrows or to define the shape of your eyebrows.  Frequency: During the first course of treatment (12 weeks) you might apply the eyelash serum regularly once in the morning and once in the evening. Afterwards it is sufficient to apply it only in the evening.  The first results are already visible after 4 weeks. You will achieve the optimum result after approx. 12 weeks.  Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested and confirmed with very good tolerance. All of the 20 study participants tolerated the Eyelash Serum very well during the course of the eight-week application test under dermatological and clinical criteria. There were no pathological skin reactions in the test area of eye and face.  In view of the fact that 5 are contact lenses wearers, the product can also be recommended to this group of users. These results are substantiated by detailed ophthalmological and dermatological examinations  Made in Germany

Content: 0.006 litre (€3,325.00* / 1 litre)

Black Forest pure intensive serumBlack Forest pure intensive serum
Black Forest pure intensive serum
Certified Natural Cosmetics from the Black Forest The Black Forest is our home. It means peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation for us as a family business, but also fresh, powerful, and unique spring water from a World Heritage site. So why not encapsulate this natural wonder from our homeland in a consciously certified natural cosmetic product according to strict criteria? For our 10th anniversary, we present our natural cosmetics line even closer to nature. Therefore, the new tubes are made with recycled plastic and the packaging is also made from sustainable FSC paper . Because our homeland and the environment are important to us. This skincare series was developed to naturally prevent wrinkles and firm the skin. The highly effective combination of crocus bulb extract, intensely nourishing oils from organic cultivation, and spring water from the Black Forest has a powerful anti-aging effect. For effective and natural wrinkle filling. Proven Effectiveness This natural serum with immediate effect noticeably reduces wrinkles and thus ensures a powerful anti-aging result and a tighter, firmer skin appearance. Intense moisturizing care from nature for a noticeable freshness boost. - Up to 57 % more moisture*- Proven to reduce wrinkles in 100 % of the participants with regular use The Natural Main Ingredients Spring Water from the Black ForestThe source is located at 212 meters depth at the transition from the bedrock to largely limestone-free sandstone layers.The water is therefore particularly soft and rich in valuable minerals. Crocus Bulb ExtractThe extract can stimulate the skin's metabolism and thus strengthen the collagen network between skin cells.This noticeably improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Nourishing and Intensely Moisturizing OilsThe carefully selected plant oils such as sunflower, sweet almond, and jojoba oil come from organic farming.Due to a particularly gentle cold-pressing process, they are of the highest quality and provide extensive care power to your skin. Valuable Vitamin EThis ingredient acts as an antioxidant on the skin and thus protects it from harmful external influences. Signs of skin aging are thus reduced.In addition, it provides intensive moisture, making the skin appearance smoother and more even. ApplicationApply in the morning and evening to the face, neck, and décolleté. Then complete the care ritual with the 24h cream. *In a clinical study with 25 subjects

Content: 0.03 litre (€665.00* / 1 litre)