CHIARA AMBRA® Anti-pimple patchesCHIARA AMBRA® Anti-pimple patches
CHIARA AMBRA® Anti-pimple patches
With these anti-pimple patches you can quickly and effectively fight pimples, blackheads and small impurities. Due to the active ingredients salicylic acid, grape seed oil and green tea extract the patches have an antibacterial and calming effect on the skin while pimples and blackheads are gently dried out. The skins appearance is visibly soothed out after the application. Reduces impurities simply and quickly Antibacterial Soothing For an even complexion Thanks to their transparent design the pimple patches are barely noticable and can be used at home or during your everyday life outside. Besides the transparent design, there are also some of the patches decorated with various cute designs to sweeten your day. Application: Remove the patches with clean, dry hands from the foil. Apply patches onto cleansed skin, directly onto the pimple and gently press it down. Leave it on for 6 hours and then carefully take it off. Care tip: For external use only. Do not use the anti-pimple patches areound the eyes, in your mouth or on sunburn or damaged skin.– Dermatologically tested. Content: 36 pieces