Chiara Ambra GmbH is a medium-sized, family-run company founded in 2003 that specialises in the production of high-quality skincare products based on the latest active ingredients.

The latest findings from research and science are constantly incorporated into the formulas of the various skincare ranges and ensure that CHIARA AMBRA® products meet the high demands of effective skincare.

Continuous controls by laboratories and testing institutes as well as the production of cosmetics in Germany and worldwide confirm the high and effective quality of the care products.

CHIARA AMBRA® places the highest demands on the quality of its products and focuses specifically on anti-ageing care with the BLACK FOREST pure, Bernstein and Xtreme Cellulite care lines.

In addition to care creams, CHIARA AMBRA® has specialised in care masks of all kinds and has included masks with highly concentrated care serum for every area, every care need and every skin type in its beauty range. Skincare masks fit perfectly into today's lifestyle – in the little free time everyone has, you want to feel good. It should be as quick as possible and highly effective at the same time. This is exactly where the skincare masks from CHIARA AMBRA® come in. Different areas of the body can be treated in a short space of time – dermatologically tested in Germany 

Other cosmetic products manufactured in Germany, such as the Lifting and Eyelash Serum, the XTREME VOLUME & HYALURONIC MASCARA and the Lip Balm round off the beauty portfolio. 

CHIARA AMBRA® always strives for the fulfilment of long-lasting beauty and individual perfection!

The unique Chiara Ambra product range in your shop, department stores or beauty parlour