Our commitment

What moves & defines us:

  • We are a climate-neutral family business
  • We are committed to various environmental projects that are close to our hearts
  • We want to create a sustainable and liveable future for everyone

Our tree planting campaign
Planting the forest of the future together!

We, the WARIMEX GmbH with our climate-neutral brands CHIARA AMBRA® and STONELINE® support regional forest owners in planting climate-stable forests. On more than 50. 000 square metres in October 2021 in cooperation with the Waldshut district forestry office and the municipalities Ühlingen-Birkendorf, Grafenhausen, Wutöschingen, Stühlingen and Klettgau have planted more climate-adapted tree species such as oak, chestnut, larch, Douglas fir and walnut trees.

The aim is to create a diverse, mixed forest that is less susceptible to hazards and provides an excellent habitat for numerous forest dwellers. The aim is to shape the future of forestry together.

With our cosmetics brand CHIARA AMBRA®, we rely on cosmetics packaging and marketing materials made from forests that are sustainably managed in accordance with the FSC standard. At the same time, with our BLACK FOREST pure natural cosmetics range, we are pursuing the long-term goal of switching to product formulas with natural, local ingredients and thus ensuring the diversity and health of our natural environment.

Another guiding principle at CHIARA AMBRA® is to reduce the use of packaging, reuse existing packaging or even completely dispense with packaging. The conversion of our cosmetic sachets to a smaller size is a continuous process and drives our sustainability concept forward.