CHIARA AMBRA® Caviar ProBiom Day cream, 50 ml


Content: 0.05 litre (€399.00* / 1 litre)

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Product number: C16284

For the health of your skin:
Enriched with a prebiotic active ingredient, caviar extract, and hyaluronic acid

The Microbiome
Background: They are not visible to the naked eye and make an incredibly significant contribution to the health of our skin every day. About 70 to 100 trillion organisms inhabit the surface of the skin and form a barrier that protects against external influences. The entirety of these microorganisms is referred to as the microbiome. A healthy, intact skin flora has the ability to fend off harmful attackers. When it is disrupted, the number of harmful bacteria increases, resulting in an imbalance. This imbalance can then have negative effects on our skin condition. Acne, eczema, and dermatitis can be the result.

Intact Skin Flora: A healthy microbiome functions as an invisible protective layer and has the ability to defend against harmful organisms, such as environmental toxins or pathogens. The bacteria living on the skin create a stable and impermeable barrier.

Weakened Skin Flora: Negative influences, such as stress, improper nutrition, or skincare, can disrupt the microbiome. This can manifest as itching or skin redness.

Expert Opinion
"Current dermatological research is focused on the microbial residents of our skin, the skin microbiome. It has been recognized that the skin microbiome differs from person to person depending on gender, age, and lifestyle. An imbalance in the diversity of skin microorganisms can lead to inflammation, for example. Adequate skincare can improve the disrupted balance."Dr. rer. nat. Dominik Schmaltz, Dermatest

Proven Effectiveness:
  • Suitable for red, irritated, dry skin
  • Redness and irritation are reduced by an average of 42%
  • 95% of the participants confirm an increase in skin moisture*
  • 80% of the participants confirm an improved skin appearance and a more even complexion*
  • *Results from a clinical application study conducted by the Dermatest Institute with 20 participants using it once daily for 4 weeks.

The Main Ingredients:

Prebiotic Active Ingredient
Thanks to modern technology, this active ingredient is obtained from microorganisms and supports the skin's ability to renew itself quickly and efficiently. It helps protect the skin microbiome from daily stressors.

Caviar Extract

Salmon caviar with its red-orange color is rich in nutrients. Its extract provides the skin with a variety of peptides and essential amino acids. Caviar is rich in high-quality protein and provides many important Omega-3 fatty acids, which, for example, protect the heart.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid can bind an exceptional amount of moisture and thus helps protect the skin from drying out. In addition, it has a plumping effect on the skin and can improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Clean Beauty: Made in Germany, Microplastic free, without PEGs, without mineral oils, without parabens, without silicones
Skin need: Anti Aging, Anti redness, Charisma, Humidity
Skin type: Combination skin, Dry skin, Mature skin, Oily skin, Sensitive skin, Young skin

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