We have already saved over 3,914,000 kg of CO2 with our projects 

Climate Neutrality

The earth's supply of natural resources is limited. A responsible use of these resources and a sustainable lifestyle should not only be the goal of an individual, but of everyone. This is the only way to preserve a high quality of life for people as far as possible. At CHIARA AMBRA® protection of the environment is top priority .

Our cooperation partner

ClimatePartner is a provider of climate protection solutions for companies. ClimatePartner combines individual consulting with cloud-based software that is unique on the market. Customers can use it to calculate, reduce and offset unavoidable CO2 emissions. In this way, products and companies become climate-neutral, which is confirmed by the ClimatePartner label. ClimatePartner offers climate protection projects in different regions and with different technologies and standards. Very important social effects are also generated by the projects, which use the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs, as a benchmark. 

ClimatePartner and CHIARA AMBRA®  have been cooperation partners since 2018.
Find out more about the climate-neutral activities of our group of companies here


Climate-neutral products 

Climate-neutral refers to companies, processes and products whose CO2 emissions
have been calculated and balanced out by contributing to internationally recognized
climate protection projects. Offsetting CO2 emissions is another important step
in holistic climate protection, alongside avoidance and reduction. Emissions that
cannot be avoided locally can be compensated for by climate protection measures elsewhere.

Good reasons to choose climate-neutral products:

  • You contribute to global climate protection and support recognized climate protection projects.
  • You underpin your climate protection efforts with a concrete action
  • No additional costs: Chiara Ambra GmbH covers all costs for CO2 offsetting
  • Full transparency: the emissions offset is traceable via the ID number - TÜV-Austria-approved


Our climate protection project

CHIARA AMBRA® not only manufactures products climate neutrally,
but also acts as a company itself climate neutral! Thereby the climate protection project
of the drinking water supply in Odisha, India is supported.  In this context, drinking water
is treated with chlorine and thus no longer needs to be boiled. This saves CO2 emissions
and improves the health of local people. You can find out more about our current climate protection project here

Climate protection through clean drinking water