CHIARA AMBRA® hard-skin-reducing foot mask

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This mask contains a caring formula that with lactic acid, honey and urea that easily and gently... more

This mask contains a caring formula that with lactic acid, honey and urea that easily and gently removes hard skin from your feet. No need to rub with a file or pumice stone. For velvety-soft, well-cared feet.


1. Clean and dry your feet thoroughly and remove any nail polish.
2. Use scissors to cut the mask at the seperating line.
3. Pull the mask and close it once around your ancle with the adhesive fiap. Allow to work for 30-45 minutes, keeping your legs bent slightly during this time, so that no liquid can leak out. Do not exceed the application time. If your skin feels itchy during this time, stop the application and clean your feet thoroughly with water.
4. After the application, remove the mask and wash your feet thoroughly with a mild washing lotion and nourish your feet with a rich foot cream. After a few days, the excess skin will gradually detach.  

Notice: This mask should not be applied onto sensitive skin, tatoos, wounds or injuries and diabetes. Do not shave or epilate your legs a few days before application. Danger of slipping, do not run in with these socks on! Single-use mask. Not suitable for children. Only apply the mask once a month. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Do not remove hard skin by force. The removel process can take up to 14 days; wearing open shoes may not be possible during this time. Contact a doctor before use during pregnancy and lactation. Avoid product contact with textiles. Avoid direct sunlight for up to one week after application. Dermatologically tested

Content: 18 ml

Skin need: Cornea
Skin type: Combination skin, Mature skin
Clean Beauty: Microplastic free, without mineral oils, without parabens, without PEGs, without silicones
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